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We are the most reputed shirt manufacturer and exporter from India to the world for mens, women and kids. Equipped with all kinds of latest machine tools and team in place, we're a full service shirt manufacturing factory. We start right from sourcing of right material, understanding your custom design and desired fit, pattern making, grading, cut and sew, quality control and ends with door-step delivery across the globe. (1) Precise match of your custom design, (2) Quality material selection and (3) Construction excellency - are the three things which makes us not only different but the leader in shirt manufacturing.

Shirt Manufacturing factory

Mens Shirts

Shirt Manufacturer for women

Womens Shirts

Kids Shirt Manufacturer

Kids Shirts

We make 100% custom design shirts based on your given detailing. We do not have pre-manufactured stocked which we can sale to you. Besides the plain shirt manufacturing, we also offer printed shirts, embroidered shirts, sequins worked shirts with your private label and tag.

Frequently Used Fabrics for the Manufacturing of Shirts

Our expertize in matching right fit, offering the right quality material is the second most crucial part of being a great shirt manufacturer. In fact it all starts with the fabric. Manufacturing cost and methodology remains same. And it's the fabric which bring the difference and thankfully our strategic location of being in India (world's one of the biggest fabric hubs), gives a competitive edge. Over the years we’ve become experts in sourcing the right quality fabric for the manufacturing of all kinds of mens, womens and kids shirt. We're working directly with some of the leading mills and if required we get the custom composition fabric as well. 

Here we wish to share some of the most frequently used fabrics for shirt manufacturing. This will give you an idea and inspiration we believe.
Chambray Fabric for Shirts

Chambray Fabric

Denim Shirt Manufacturer

Denim Fabric

Oxford Cotton Fabric for Shirts

Oxford Cotton Fabric

Broadcloth or Poplin


Fil-a-Fil or End-on-End

Seersucker fabric for shirt manufacturer

Seersucker Fabric

Dobby Fabric for Shirt Manufacturer

Dobby Fabric

Shirt Manufacturer in Flannel Fabric

Flannel Fabric


Satin Fabric


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