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In order to work with us, we require few details to be prepared at your end and provided to us; such as -

Design brief :

This means how your design has to look. To express the concept of your design, you may be have a tech pack, or a drawing or a rough sketches etc. It should depict your dream design how will it look at the end. 

In case you're not having even the basic measurement, you can google the images of what you are looking and advise the changes which you want in your design. You must not copy the others design, but in order to explain the concept you can share the reference image as well.

In an event, if you have the physical samples to copy/clone, we would love to get one!

Specification :

This means few things such as - the fabric material which you are thinking to use for given design. If you're sure, you must mention it along with or on the design sheet you have. In case you're not sure, we will guide you which material will go best!

Besides your decision to choose the material and trims, we require measurements for each style. This helps to understand the fabric consumption. We do have standard measurement for each country. But we expect you are aware with the difference between basics.

Are you thinking about the availability of material with us? Please read our FAQ section.


You need to be sure how many units / pieces or set needs to be produced for each design. For sampling, of course one for each design. But what about the production or the final quantity? Since quantity plays very important role in preparing the estimate of manufacturing cost of each design, we always seek this information!

Besides above, we expect few other things from you; such as :

  • You carry the basic understanding of fabrics and their types as well as respective composition.
  • Understanding of required lead time for sampling as well as production.
  • Difference between - solid / single color fabric, stock printed fabric, custom printed fabric and their respective limitations.
  • Feasibility of making labels and hang tag for one single piece
  • Destination country.


Step 1
Design details are submitted by email. Or in availabitiy of physical sample, the same is received for feasibility study of work
Step 2
Good Clothing Factory does the feasibilty study of given work details and share the production prices. If you find our price doable, we agreed to proceed for sampling first.
Step 3  
We raise proforma sampling invoice asking 100% advance deposit in order to develop the sample for required design.
 Step 4
Sample development work will begin after receiving the advance deposit. Before we send the final sample, we first send the sample image so that in case any comment, we can rectify before shipping.
 Step 5
You receive the sample and provide the approval or comments of additional amendments / changes. If there are minor comments, we proceed for production. In case major comment, we re-do the sampling incorporating given comments / changes and get it approved for production. 
 Step 6
We send proforma invoice for bulk production asking advance deposit. Once advance payment is made, we begin the production during which we send size set and TOP (top of the production) if needed. 
 Step 7
Once production is completed, we ask for balance payment and seek advise for shipping whether we have to ship it or you yourself will get it picked.  
 Step 8
After receiving the balance payment, we file the shipment for door-step delivery. 

Basics Before You Speak for Manufacturing Your Line

Requirement Details

In order to attain your query seriously, it is always advisable to have basic preparation and understanding so that we or any other clothing manufacturer work well. Your requirement detail is very first thing which you need to keep ready. Do have the professional courtesy to us and always provide a good amount of information to digest and respond to your project.

Your requirement details should contain the following information:

  • What items you want to make & how many of each.
  • What fabrics do you wish to use, be specific too. 
  • If you don't know much about fabrics then start researching. 
  • Importantly, read about the difference between knitted and woven fabrics at the very least. 
  • Do you have your own artwork you wish to print?
  • Clearly outline your expected time frame. Be practical in terms of manufacturing (sampling or production) and give due required time.
  • Your tech pack and trade sketches (no hand drawings). 
  • Garments without measurements cannot be provided any set prices for production as we cannot calculate fabric yield.

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